Are Rugs Cheaper Online?

Generally, but not always.

If you are an expert rug collector, who is used to dealing directly with markets and weavers throughout the world, you can probably use your skills and expertise to fly to the country of origin and negotiate a lower price for a rug similar to one you see on our site.

So why buy from you?

Because it's not very practical to fly to a faraway country to buy an item for your home. The trip would probably cost more than the rug in question.

But are your rugs less expensive than in the stores near my house?

Yes, we certainly think so. The way we acquire our rugs is better and more efficient than the way your local retailer acquires their rugs.

Did you know?

When you buy from a department store, your rug is bought and sold by up to 10 companies along the way. Each of those companies must make a profit to pay their bills. As a result, you pay substantially more for a handmade rug than you need to.

In some cases, you could pay up to 30 times the amount that the weaver originally sold the rug for!

Eliminating middlemen while shopping from the comfort of your own home is simply the best way to buy an oriental rug. It's why interior designers around the world work with us, and it's why you should consider purchasing your next rug from us too.

"Just got our rug for the family room and want to tell you how it has changed that room. Wow! Nice warm, cosy feeling. Great!"
Nancy, Lake Surich, IL