Should you buy rugs online?

Buying rugs online makes much more sense than shopping at a rug dealer or a department store. Not convinced? Please read on. You will be surprised, and you may never buy from a rug dealer or a major department store again.

Bricks-and-Mortar Prices are much higher than Clicks-and-Mortar Prices

In May 2015, one of our rug experts inspected the Oriental rug prices in 8 cities, namely Toronto, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Our goal was to check store prices around the country on one of the most popular Persian rug style. We chose an average 4x6 Tabriz to have a meaningful comparison. The Knot By Knot price was $1,050 for this specific rug. Our expert spent at least 2 days in each location and tried to find the cheapest rug similar to ours in terms of quality. He was instructed to shop in 3 department stores and 3 rug dealers each day in every city (6 rug dealers and 6 department stores in each city, totalling 48 rugs dealers and 48 department stores)

His journey lasted 27 days, and he could not find a single retailer that could match our price. Here is what his report shows:

Location Store Price (*) Difference as $ Value Difference as %
Knot By Knot Internet $1,050 N/A N/A
Toronto Rug Dealer $2,000 $950 190
Toronto Department Store $1,925 $875 183
Chicago Rug Dealer $2,500 $1,450 238
Chicago Department Store $3,050 $2,000 290
New York Rug Dealer $1,950 $900 186
New York Department Store $3,175 $2,125 302
Atlanta Rug Dealer $2,400 $1,350 229
Atlanta Department Store $2,725 $1,675 260
Miami Rug Dealer $3,200 $2,150 305
Miami Department Store $2,600 $1,550 248
Houston Rug Dealer $3,000 $1,950 286
Houston Department Store $2,500 $1,450 238
Las Vegas Rug Dealer $3,500 $2,450 333
Las Vegas Department Store $4,750 $3,700 452
Los Angeles Rug Dealer $2,000 $950 190
Los Angeles Department Store $2,250 $1,200 214
Average $2,720 $1,670 259

(*) Lowest price he found in a store in the city in question

As you can see from the chart, the average store price was $2,720 for the rug, which you can buy for $1,050 on Knot By Knot.

Please have a look at the chart closely: Lowest available store price for the rug in question was almost twice our price. You can even pay nearly 5 times more for the same rug in a department store in Las Vegas. Can we call this highway robbery?

You do not have the convenience when you shop at a physical store

When you go to a rug dealer or a department store, the selections are limited. Even though these stores may have lots of rugs, you cannot view all of them. How many rugs can you view in one visit? Fifty, one hundred?

To give you a ball-park figure, our mystery shopper examined 20-30 rugs on average in each store.

On the other hand, when you shop online, you have the luxury of shopping 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You can view all the rugs. Days, nights and weekends are all yours. Whenever you want, however you want. There is no limit on how many rugs you can view at your own convenience.

You do not have to deal with ignorant and/or pushy sales people on the web

In his journey, our expert met so many different sales people in the stores. According to his observations, the common thing about all of them was ignorance of the product. Three sellers confused rug styles. Two of them did not know what KPSI means. Four did not explain properly the difference between handmade rugs and machine made rugs, and so on.

Of course, almost all of them were trying to sell their rugs no matter what because sales people usually work on commission. They are trained to target the shoppers who come into the store, and their only task is to sell. They use several marketing techniques in order to get their cut of the sale. It may be very difficult for you to resist their high-pressure sales tactics.

When you shop online there is no salesperson between you and the rugs. You can view lots of rugs without being bothered by sales people. You can learn the details of each rug. Size, age, KPSI, weaving time etc… Everything is right there in front of you. You are in charge, not the sales staff!

So, where would you like to buy an authentic Oriental rug? At a rug dealer or at a department store? Or are you comfortable enough where you are right now?

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"Just got our rug for the family room and want to tell you how it has changed that room. Wow! Nice warm, cosy feeling. Great!"
Nancy, Lake Surich, IL